Injunction Against Workplace Harassment

Injunction Against Workplace Harassment

An injunction against workplace harassment is a type of protective order. It is similar to an order of protection and an injunction against harassment in that it prohibits a person from doing certain things or from going to certain locations. The actual process to obtain an order of protection is the same as that for an order of protection, but … Read More

Injunction Against Harassment

Injunction Against Harassment

An injunction against harassment is a type of protective order issued by a court that prevents another person from harassing you. If the person against whom you obtain the order continues to harass you in violation of the order, they can be criminally prosecuted. Like all protective orders in Arizona, an injunction against harassment is effective for one year. The … Read More

Order of Protection

Order of Protection

An order of protection (OOP) is an order from the court that prohibits one person (the defendant) from having contact with another person (interchangeably known as the victim, plaintiff or protected person. If someone has harmed you, threatened to harm you, or acted in a manor that causes you to fear for your safety, you may want to seek an … Read More

How To Abuse An Order Of Protection

How to abuse an order of protection

Let me begin with saying that I am not advocating that you abuse an order of protection. Rather, I’m going to point out how orders of protection are abused in family court. There are two common reasons people would abuse an order of protection. First, someone wants a person they live with to move out. For example, a husband and … Read More

How To Email Documents To An Attorney

email documents to an attorney

When you are a litigant in a family court case, you will frequently be required to email documents to an attorney. In the past, you may have dropped them off at your attorney’s office or just mailed the documents. These days, good attorneys keep a digital office, like we do. We scan every piece of paper that crosses our desk. … Read More

Dealing with the Emotional Parts of Divorce and Co-Parenting

This show aired on March 19, 2017. It was hosted by David Enevoldsen. ShaRon Rea, a certified family coach, appeared as a guest on the show. This show reviews some of the emotional aspects of divorce, whether it makes sense to keep the family together for the sake of the children, learning to take care of yourself for the sake … Read More

International Parental Child Abduction

This show aired on March 12, 2017. It was hosted by David Enevoldsen. Jeffrey Morehouse and Dr. Noelle Hunter, appeared as guests on the show. The show looked at International Parental Child Abduction, what it is, the criminal nature of it, what the problems are with it and the Hague Convention, child recovery experts, and the possibility of reform to … Read More

How To Serve Divorce Papers In Arizona

After you file a petition for dissolution (divorce), you must serve the petition on your spouse. This is technically called “service of process” and it is a formal process by which you notify your spouse of the divorce by having copies of the paperwork delivered to them. Service of process is generally referred to as just “service”. There are a … Read More