Father Refuses to Allow Child with Cancer to Go to Disney World

When a 4-year-old Ohio girl, named McKenna May, was diagnosed with cancer, the Make-A-Wish Foundation agreed to send her to Disney World. Because of medical treatments, she wasn’t initially able to go, and was forced to cancel 2 planned trips. Since then she has made a significant recovery and now is physically able to go. McKenna was told that she … Read More

Michael Jackson’s Siblings Challenge His Last Will and Testament

When Michael Jackson passed away, there were challenges to the executors of his estate by both his mother and his father. Jackson’s mother relinquished her attack, and his father’s case was dismissed from the court for lack of standing. The executors are named John Branca and John McClain.When they took over Jackson’s estate, it was valued at approximately negative $500 … Read More

Romney Finds Obama’s Comments About Entrepreneurs Insulting

President Obama recently made comments at a campaign rally in Roanoke, Virginia, attempting to remind business owners that they didn’t build their businesses on their own and claiming that everyone receives help in putting together a company. In response, Republican presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, publicly announced that Obama’s comments were “insulting to every innovator in America.” Romney’s position is that, … Read More

Obama Says Business Owners Didn’t Build Their Own Businesses

On July 13, while at the Roanoke Fire Station, in Roanoke, Virginia, President Barack Obama reminded business owners that if they had a successful business, it was not solely because of their hard work but was also because there were a lot of people out there helping them. The event was hosted as part of Obama’s campaign for reelection this … Read More

Alimony in Arizona

If you’re going through a divorce, you may wonder whether or not you will either have to pay or be entitled to receive, alimony. In Arizona alimony is generally called “spousal maintenance.” A spouse will be entitled to spousal maintenance if he or she meets one of 4 eligibility requirements. According to Arizona statute, the requirements include situations when one … Read More